Guy Sargent | Limited Edition Photographs

The Islands of the Cyclops IV, Sicily




A burnt umber toned photograph of the Cyclopean Islands in Sicily, Italy. A cinematic view heightens the surreal drama of these volcanic rocks formed an estimated 500,000 years ago. They have a very unusual presence and even get a mention in Homer's Odyssey. Mount Etna lies inland but not too distant from this coastline...

Limited Edition Archival Inkjet Giclée Print.

Available in four sizes;

• 24cm x 64cm - 9 1/2" x 25" (Includes border) Edition of 20.

• 46cm x 126cm - 18" x 49 1/2" (Includes border) Edition of 15.

• 70cm x 190cm - 27 1/2" x 75" (Includes border) Edition of 10.

• 91cm x 251cm - 36" x 99" (Includes border) Edition of 6.

Print only, no frame included.

*The total number of prints included in a Limited Edition includes all sizes listed as available. For example, there may be 25 in one size and 10 in another, this means there are 35 prints in the edition.