Guy Sargent | Limited Edition Photographs

Wells Cathedral MMXXIII, England



Wells Cathedral in Somerset, England began construction in 1175 as a Catholic cathedral. After King Henry VIII separated England from Rome it then became an Anglican cathedral. It is generally referred to as one of the first truly Gothic buildings in Europe. Wells is one of the smallest cities in the UK with the population being just over 11,000. It takes its name from three wells, two of which are situated in the grounds of the cathedral. Currently at the bottom left hand corner of the facade you can see a sculpture by contemporary artist Antony Gormley called "Doubt", which fits well into a vacant niche.

Limited Edition Archival Inkjet Giclée Print.

Available in five sizes;

• 24cm x 30cm - 9 1/2" x 11 3/4" (Includes border) Edition of 20.

• 46cm x 58cm - 18" x 22 3/4" (Includes border) Edition of 15.

• 68cm x 86cm - 26 3/4" x 33 3/4" (Includes border) Edition of 10.

• 90cm x 114cm - 35 1/2" x 45" (Includes border) Edition of 6.

• 107cm x 137cm - 42" x 54" (Includes border) Edition of 6.

Print only, no frame included.

*The total number of prints included in a Limited Edition includes all sizes listed as available. For example, there may be 25 in one size and 10 in another, this means there are 35 prints in the edition.